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Study Rooms available at LAC & PCC Library

The Liberal Arts Campus Library has six study rooms, located on the north side of Bldg L. Each room is equipped with a table, chairs, network connection, and a flat-screen display. When a room is not occupied, it is kept locked.


The study rooms are for use by LBCC students, faculty, and staff. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis; however, groups take priority over single users. Rooms cannot be reserved, or switched without informing the Circulation Desk. Users may request a study room at the Circulation Desk.

Required: One form of picture ID (LBCC student ID or state issued ID).

Availability: Student rooms are available from the time the Library opens until fifteen minutes prior to closing time.


There is a maximum two-hour check-out period for each study room. There will be a 30 minute waiting period for renewal. Usage by any person or group may be extended, subject to availability, and must be renewed at the Circulation Desk. A late charge of 25 cents/hour applies for study rooms turned in after the due time. A replacement cost of $50.00 will be assessed for a lost study room key. Study room users are responsible for leaving the rooms locked and in a neat and orderly condition. Users are responsible for any fines resulting from damage to the study rooms, furniture and equipment.

Students who consistently return the keys to the study rooms late will be reported to the Dean of Academic Services and the Dean of Student Services. They will lose privilege to use the study room for the rest of the semester.

No food, gum, or drink is allowed in the study rooms. If students or other users are found eating or drinking in the study rooms, they will lose privilege to use the study room for the rest of the semester.

Lights must remain on at all times when a study room is in use.

Students must occupy room, and not leave it empty for a long period of time. Items left unattended may be removed and taken to the Circulation Desk to make the room available for other users. Students are responsible for personal belongings left in the study rooms. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Study rooms are not sound proof. Please be considerate of others studying in the Library.

Abuse of study rooms will result in the loss of study room privileges. In accordance with Student Services guidelines, users may be asked to leave the building, if they disturb others or engage in destructive or inappropriate behavior.

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