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Program Description

The certificate and degree program prepare students for employment with entry and mid-level library technician positions in public, academic, school, and special libraries. This program, designed according to guidelines from the American Library Association, is intended to equip students with many of the required competencies for successful performance in all phases of library services. It encompasses library automation essentials such as acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, public access catalogs, techniques of information retrieval, and the Internet.

Requirements for the Library Technician Certificate

Recommended sequence (18-19 units total)

Semester I

  • LIB 3 Information Competency (3 units)


    This course is designed to help students become an information-literate world citizen in the new seamless and global Information World. The course encompasses library literacy, information technology literacy, and Internet literacy. It encourages thought transformation, intelligent reasoning, and a new understanding of the world, including an appreciation of cultural diversity. The course has a well-balanced structure in practices and theories, with lectures, forum discussion in-class and online, computer lab activities and written research assignments. In addition, there will be field trips to some of the libraries and museums in Southern California.

  • LIB 203 Introduction to Acquisitions (3 units)


    This course focuses on the goals and functions of acquisitions and the topics will include: the basics of acquiring library materials; the financial management of materials budgets; vendors; and ethical considerations. Visitations to other libraries or information research centers are required.

  • Semester II

  • LIB 201 Introduction to Cataloging (3 units)


    Topics will include: cataloging principles and procedures including descriptive and subject cataloging, classification systems, Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) formats, bibliographic utilities, authority and bibliographic verification and control.

  • LIB 202 Introduction to Access Services (3 units)


    This course focuses on the major functions of library public and access services and topics will include: circulation management, collection maintenance, supervision of staff, confidentiality, intra and interlibrary loan, reserve collections, copyright laws, statistical design and compilation.

  • Semester III

  • LIB 204 Introduction to Reference Services (3 units)


    This course introduces students to widely used print, non-print, and online sources in a variety of settings, and develops question-negotiation skills and search strategies. The topics will include the information needs of library users and the students will be empowered to function competently in the Information Age.

  • One of the two courses listed below:

  • * COSA 30 Apps. & Concepts for Non-Computer Majors (3 units)


    Formerly CAOTC 34. This is a computer literacy course designed to familiarize the learner with a variety of computer tools and computer concepts with emphasis on utilizing Office Suite programs. This course provides an introduction to the use of computers, common software programs,peripherals, and social media. Students are instructed in the use of a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tools, and internet applications. This course satisfies the technology component of the Information Competency graduation requirement.

  • * COSA 35 Microsoft Office (4 units)


    Formerly CAOTC 35. Microsoft Office is a beginning, hands-on course that teaches students to create, edit, format, and integrate a wide range of business documents. Students will use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Computer hardware basics and the use of the internet for business and research purposes will also be covered. This course satisfies the technology component of the Information Competency graduation requirement.

Recommended courses (but not required)
LIB 210 Web Health Resources (1 unit)
LIB 211 Web Business Resources (1 unit)
LIB 212 Web Law Resources (1 unit)
CDECE 34 Children's Literature (3 units)
SP 25 Elements of Intercultural Communications (3 units)
SP 20 Elements of Interpersonal Communications (3 units)

About the Program

The Library Technician Certificate Program, started in Fall 2008, is designed to equip students with skills required of qualified library technicians. The acquired skills provide students with preparation and opportunities for advancement and/or gain employment in the growing and dynamic field of library and information services. The skills may be used in public and academic libraries, and in the information centers of various institutions such as business corporations, medical centers, museums, law offices, and government agencies.

The Library Technician Certificate Program coursework provides an integrated curriculum with educational knowledge, human relations, and library/information technology skills. The program also recommended courses in Computer Science, Speech, Child Development and other academic divisions enabling students to acquire proficiency in several areas. Courses in the program will be offered on-campus as well as online, thus allowing more flexibility and reaching a wider public.

One of the required courses in the Program, Lib 3, is transferable as an elective to UC/CSU systems and is on Plan A of the General Education Plans. This course will help students meet the AA graduation requirement.

This is a well-balanced program combining ethics of serving a multiethnic customer base and hands-on training in the use of the latest library/information technologies for information retrieval and manipulation, as well as for cataloging, acquisition, and circulation of information resources.

For More Information

For more information about Library classes or the Library Technician program, please contact Dele Ladejobi, Library Department Head, at tel: (562) 938-4581, or Colin Williams at tel: (562) 983-4708.

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