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Political Science

Subject Guide to Library Resources Available

Our view of politics and government originated with the Greeks and Romans, yet the field of political science has developed recently over the past 100 years or so. The field encompasses the study of political instutions and processes, American (or national) politics, law and government, state and local politics, world politics, international relations, comparative political systems, isues such as environmental policy, and political theory. (see Okahoma Univ. Definition).

The guide will assist you in finding materials at the Long Beach City College Library, through other libraries, and via the Internet.

A good place to start a paper is to read a little general literature about the field (encyclopedia, internet article) and look up basic terms that are unfamiliar to you. The Encyclopedia Britannica (in print or online) is an excellent source of information on topics about American History.

The next step would be to look for books which cover or touch upon your specific topic. Use the chapter headings and indexes of books that seem relevant to zero in on your topic.

Finally, look for journal articles focused on your specific area of inquiry for more in-depth and recent coverage.

When unable to find answers to your questions in these resources, the internet and other reference books will often give you new leads to the answers.

Finally, don't forget the wealth of information contained in videos. Your research about Political Science will be enhanced by information and visual material documented in videos.


Governor Schwarzenegger
Gov. Schwarzenegger & Recall Election

Reference tools such as indexes, directories, bibliographies, guides, encyclopedias and atlases are generally found in a reference area where many people can refer to general information. Items found in reference areas cannot be checked out of the library.

Occasionally other copies of reference-type items can be found in the circulating collection for you to check out.

To find articles and books on various aspects of Political Science, the main printed indexes in the Reference Area to use for extensive research are (use Interlibrary Loan to request books & articles not available at LBCC):

Humanities index.
Location: LAC Index Table (Reference Room) Call Number: AI3 .H85

Social sciences index.
Location: LAC Index Table (Reference Room) Call Number: AI3 .S62

(Previous volumes known as Social Sciences & Humanities Index AI3 .R49)

Reference Books
--a sample of what is available

The American political dictionary. c1982.
Location: LAC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: JK9 .P55 1982

The Encyclopedia of American government. c1981.
Location: LAC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: JK9 .E5

The encyclopedia of American political history. c2001.
Location: LAC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: E183 .E48 2001
Location: PCC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: E183 .E48 2001

Encyclopedia of American public policy. c1999.
Location: LAC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: JK468.P64 J33 1999

Encyclopedia of minorities in American politics. 2000.
Location: LAC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: E184.A1 E574 2000

Encyclopedia of social issues. 1997.
Location: LAC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: HN57 .E59 1997

Encyclopedia of terrorism and political violence. 1987.
Location: LAC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: HV6431 .T56 1987

Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations. c2001.
Location: LAC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: JA51 .W62 2001
Location: PCC Reference Room Collection
Call Number: JA51 .W62 2001


Library of Congress
Inside the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress
Books can be located by searching Voyager, the Library's online catalog. Combine these terms in a keyword search for the best results, following subject links in desired records to find more similar records.

To find Electronic books in Voyager which can be read online from home, try a search using general terms and adding a Quick Limit of E-Books. You will need to view the record for the book to click on the link to the website that hosts the book. To view from home you will need passwords which can be found with the passwords for online databases available from the librarians.

Some of the topics you might search the online catalog for concerning Political Science might not use the exact wording you are looking for. Try a keyword search and look at the subject headings assigned to some of your hits, then link to those subject headings for more records. If you don't find records in the LBCC Library for what you need, try searching online databases for articles and search other libraries for books. You may use Interlibrary Loan to request books not found at LBCC. Here are some suggested Subject Headings or Keywords to search in Voyager :

Christianity and politics.
Common good.
Communication in politics.
Comparative government.
Corporate state.
Decentralization in government.
Divine right of kings.
1796 Election Map click here to enlarge
1796 election

Executive power.
Federal government.
Government, Resistance to.
International organization.
Islam and politics.
Local government.

Opposition (Political science)
People's democracies.
Political anthropology.
Political obligation.
Political parties.
Political psychology.
Political sociology.
Politics, Practical.
Power (Social sciences)
Pressure groups.
Public administration.
Public opinion.
Religion and politics.
Representative government.
Right and left (Political science)
Separation of powers.
Social contract.
State governments.
State rights.
States, Size of.
States, Small.
Television and politics.
Tribal government.
World politics.

You can also browse the shelves by the Library of Congress Classification letters assigned to books in these subject areas either in the Reference Area or on the stack level listed for books that can be checked out:

Find these call numbers on Stack Level 2, Basement of LAC:

H Social sciences (General)
HA Statistics
HB Economic theory. Demography
HC Economic history and conditions
HD Industries. Land use. Labor
HE Transportation and communications
HF Commerce
HG Finance
HJ Public finance

Find these call numbers on Stack Level 3,
First Floorof LAC:

HM Sociology (General)
HN Social history and conditions
HQ The family. Marriage. Women
HS Societies: secret, benevolent, etc.
HT Communities. Classes. Races
HV Social pathology. Criminology
HX Socialism. Communism. Anarchism

J General legislative and executive papers
JA Political science (General)
JC Political theory
JF Political institutions and public administration
JJ -- North America
JK -- United States
JL -- Canada, West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America
JN -- Europe
JQ -- Asia, Arab countries, Islamic countries, Africa, Atlantic Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean islands
JS Local government. Municipal government
JV Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration. International migration
JX International law
JZ International relations

K Law


Some videos may be found in Voyager, the online catalog, to be checked out. First select a Quick Limit of Videorecordings, then do a keyword search for Politics or a term from above.

You may also view videos inhouse from the Instructional Media Collection. Search Medianet for Politics or a term from above.

President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore


A few periodical titles currently held by the LAC library in hard copy and containing information on Political Science include (also check History journals for relevant articles):

Africa Today
African American Review
American City and County
American Political Science Review
American Spectator
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Asian Perspectives
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
CQ Researcher
CQ Weekly
California Journal

Civil Right Journal
Common Cause Magazine
Comparative Political Studies
Congressional Digest
Cross Currents
Current History
DISAM Journal of International Security
Assistance Management


Economic Development and Cultural Change
Editorials on Fire
Far Eastern Economic Review
Foreign Affairs
Harper's Magazine
Human Rights
International Security
Japan Quarterly
Journal of Asian Studies
Journal of Conflict Resolution
Journal of Contemporary History
Journal of Development Studies
Journal of Inter-American Studies
Journal of International Affairs
Journal of Political Economy
Journal of Politics
Law and Contemporary Problems
NATO's Nations & Partners for Peace
National Interest
National Review
New Leader
New Perspectives Quarterly
New Republic
New Statesman
Partisan Review
Political Quarterly
Political Research Quarterly
Political Science Quarterly
Political Theory
Politics and Society
Public Interest
Public Opinion Quarterly
Public Relations Journal
Science and Society
United Nation Chronicle
Vital Speeches of the Day
Washington Monthly
The Wilson Quarterly
World Policy Journal
World Politics
World Press Review

The Library has a subscription to several online databases containing information on research on Political Science. These databases are particularly helpful in finding information as many journals can be searched simultaneously by the keywords you select. The full-text is then most often available online for printing or sending to your email account. Some of these databases include:

Biography Resource Center
CQ Researcher
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Facts on File On-Line
Matter of Fact
Opposing Viewpoints
SIRS Government Reporter

SIRS Researcher

Powell, Bush & Cheney

Only current faculty, students or staff may use these databases. Ask for passwords at the Reference Desk at either Library. The Librarians can instruct you on using these article databases. There is a free workshop offered for learning the ins and outs of online database searching.


Many good resources can be found on the Internet for current research, basic information, and indexes to more resources. You will also come across many sites produced by school classes and others that will not carry the authority you might be looking for. So review the origin of the information you find carefully. Follow the links by clicking on the pictures on this page. Below are a few more helpful sites for Political Science research:

9/11 News Articles:
9/11 Images:
American Rhetoric Top 100 Speeches:
APSANET (Amer. Poli. Sci. Assoc.):
Canadian Political Science Resources:
Capitol Building:
Capitol Building Virtual Tour:

Capitol Hill--map and pictures of Capitol complex:
Chiefs of State... of Foreign Countries:
CIA World Factbook:
Civil Rights Era:
Civil Rights Movement Historic Sites:
Congressional Research Service Reports:
Constitutions, Treaties... (international):
Densho-- Japanese-American Legacy Project:
Fedstats--gateway to 100 Federal Agencies:
FirstGov - U.S. Official Web Portal:
First Election 1796:
Foundational Documents of the US:
Founders Constitution--constitutional history:
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century:
Historical Documents (Thomas):
Historical Documents Online:
House of Representatives site:
"I Have a Dream" Speech by MLK:
International Government Official Websites:
Japanese Internment:
JFK speech on Civil Rights:
Magna Carta:
Maps of Current Interest--U of Texas:
Mondo Politico--Online Political Books:
National Archives (go to site index to select documents):
National Center for Policy Analysis:
National Issues:
National Political Index:
Patriot Act:
Political Philosophy--Great Works:
Political Thought Links:
Presidential Elections from 1796:
Senate site:
Speeches that changed the world audio archive:
States and Capitals:
Terrorism Documents & Links (U of Michigan):
Think Tanks (U of Michigan):
Thomas Legislative Documents on the Internet:
United Nations Official Web Site:
United States Factbook from the CIA: 
US Historical Documents:
Vietnam Online (PBS):
Vietnam Overview (Vassar):

Civil Rights March 1963 Civil Rights March, 1963, in D.C. click here for audio & text of MLK's famous "I Have a Dream" speech

Antiwar Demonstrators Killed at Kent State
Antiwar Protestors shot at Kent State in 1970

Tragedy of 9/11 See 9/11/01 News, Photos, and Patriot Act


Democratic National Committee

While you are writing your paper, there is an online subject guide, Writing Tips, with links to online help for organizing and formulating your paper, and finding online dictionaries and citation tools.

There is also a Writing Center at both campuses to help you with the fundamentals of your paper, for information call the Writing Center: at LAC (562) 938-4520 and at PCC: (562) 938-3991.

republican national committee

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