Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty Course Reserves

Place books, copies of articles, and other material (from the Library collection or your own collection) on exclusive reserve for your class. See online forms for more information on how to place an item on Reserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Faculty

Q. What is the Reserve Collection?
It is a selection of specific books, periodical articles, and other materials which faculty require students to read for a particular course. These materials are set aside for short term use in the library and are available at the Circulation desk.

Q. How do I place items on reserve?
You will need to fill out a Reserve Request form in person along with your materials at the Circulation desk, or print it online at and bring it into the library with your materials. It's that easy!

Q. How long can students check out reserve items?
Instructors choose the check out period. Standard choices are 2 hours and 1 day.

Q. What do students need to check out reserve items?
To check-out reserve materials students must have a LBCC ID card with a current semester sticker or a picture ID with a current class print out. A maximum of 2 items may be checked out per student at one time. Late fees (25 cents/hour for in-house reserve and $3.00/day for overnight reserve) accrue immediately if materials are not returned at the specified time or date. For more information about library fines, please refer to our borrowing FAQ's.

Q. How long will it take for reserve items to be available to students?
Reserve materials are added on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow 48 hours for processing. During the beginning rush of each semester it may take several days before the material is ready. However, we will allow immediate check out of newly received materials by holding a student I.D. during rush periods to accommodate students.

Q. How many items can be placed on reserve?
There is no limit on the number of items on reserve, though the circulation staff will periodically review reserve files for current usage. All types of materials can be put on reserve such as books, articles, exam samples, assignment samples, lecture notes, syllabi, audiovisuals, etc.

When processing personal copies, it is necessary for the library to attach identifying labels and security strips that may permanently alter the appearance of the material. Please be aware of copyright restrictions before placing materials on reserve.

Q. Can books from the LAC and PCC Libraries be placed on reserve?
Yes. You simply visit the Circulation Desk or call us at (562) 938-4231 LAC or (562) 938-3029 PCC with the titles, call numbers, circulation period (2 hours or 1 day) and course information. You can also submit your request online at

Q. Can books from other libraries be placed on reserve?
Only books owned by the LAC or PCC Library or the instructor's personal copies may be placed on reserve.

Q. Will the library acquire books for courses?
The Library's book budget is unable to accommodate textbook purchases for courses. Textbooks currently in use are provided by individual instructor.

Q. How long are items left on reserve?
Items stay on reserve as long as they are needed. Written permission from the copyright holder/clearinghouse is required for materials that have been placed on reserve for more than one semester. For more information, please visit The instructor decides when to remove materials. After removal, personal copies can be returned to the faculty or donated to the Library.

Q. Do you have a copy of the textbook for my class on reserve?
The Library does not purchase textbooks. The professor would have to put a personal copy of the textbook on reserve.