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Meet the Staff

Faculty Librarians

Nenita Buenaventura

Librarian / Professor
Access Services and Electronic Resources
Liaison to:School of Health, Science and Mathematics, School of Counseling and Student Support Services .

David Goto

Librarian / Assistant Professor
Liaison to:Public Services Department, Trades and Industrial Technologies Department(Co-Liaison), Basic Adult Education, Learning and Academic Resources Department , Multidisciplinary Success Centers, School of Social Sciences and Arts .

Dele Ladejobi

Librarian / Professor
Liaison to:Life Science Department, Math and Engineering Department, Foreign Language Department, School of Student Success, School of Counseling and Student Support Services, International Students Program .

Ramchandran Sethuraman, Ph.D.

Librarian / Professor
Library Department Head
Liaison to:School of Library Science .

Shamika Simpson

Librarian / Assistant Professor
Collection Management / Outreach
Liaison to:School of Student Affairs, Kinesiology, Athletics and Health Education, Veteran's Affairs, Disabled Students Programs and Services (and C2C), EOP&S, Homeless Students, International Students(Co-Liaison), Foster Students, Puente Program .

Colin Williams

Librarian / Assistant Professor
Digital, Instructional, & Information Technology
Liaison to:Computer and Office Studies, Culinary Arts, Trades and Industrial Technologies Department, English, Reading, Performing Arts, Visual and Media Arts .

Adjunct Librarians

Gail Ashbrooke

Antoinette Avila

Gabriel Beeler

Adjunct Librarian

Bally Dailey

Adjunct Librarian

Donna Harris

Clarke Jett

Adjunct Librarian

Edward Kane

Vivian Linderman

Kolap Samel

Adjunct Librarian

Eleanor Sonido

Adjunct Librarian
Liaison to:Allied Health Department(Co-Liaison), Life Science Department(Co-Liaison), Math and Engineering Department(Co-Liaison), Physical Science Department(Co-Liaison), Registered Nursing Program (AON) Department(Co-Liaison), Vocational Nursing Program CVN) Department(Co-Liaison) .

Judith Toebe

Adjunct Librarian
Liaison to:Child & Adult Development Department .

Karen Vogel

Adjunct Librarian
Liaison to:Veterans Affairs(Co-Liaison) .

Library Support Staff

Ruben Amador

Library Systems Technician
Computer Systems

Fabiola Archila

Lead Library Technician

Chrysallis Baldonado

Administrative assistant

Camtu Cao

Library Technician II
Periodicals/Technical Services

Travis Cleveringa

Charmaine Devera

Library Assistant

Randy Harveston

Lead Library Technician

Ariane Le

Lead Library Technician

Doris Park

Library Assistant